DRI100 Dynamic Instrument Microphone

With a tailored frequency response for superior sound reproduction, the Digital Reference Dynamic Instrument Microphone provides the clarity and warmth that make guitars, amps, percussion and horns sound their very best. Its tight pickup pattern isolates your instrument from other performers, while at the same time reducing feedback. And because we designed it to handle high sound pressure levels, it will capture the all the subtle nuances of drums and saxophones as well as vocals and stringed instruments.


• Ideal for amps, percussion, horns, acoustic instruments, vocals and more
• Super-cardioid polar pattern for maximum gain, minimizes feedback
• Designed to handle high Sound Pressure Levels (SPL)
• Rugged grille, metal body
• 50Hz – 15kHz frequency response
• 300 Ohm output impedance
• Includes microphone clip


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