DRDK7 7 Piece Drum Microphone Set

Each drum in your kit requires a specific mic'ing approach. So the Digital Reference 7-Piece Drum Microphone Set contains 7 microphones that are optimized for every type of drum and cymbal, providing the ideal punch, detail and clarity for stage performance or studio recording. A low-profile design results in minimum visibility, while integral stand mounts offer a wide array of placement options. Now your entire kit can sound great – every time, everywhere. We even included a hard-shell carrying case.


• 1 DRK100 kick drum mic with clip
• 4 DRST100 snare/tom mics with clips
• 2 DRC100 condenser mics with clips
• 4 Universal drum mount
• Durable carrying case with protective foam insert

DR-K100 Unidirectional Dynamic Kick Drum Mic

• Deep bass reproduction with articulate snap captures the attack and tone of any kick from jazz to rock
• All-metal construction with rugged mesh grill
• Includes custom mic clip with articulating pivot for exact placement
• 50Hz – 10kHz frequency response
• 300 Ohm output impedance
• Integrated male XLR connector

DR-ST100 Unidirectional Dynamic Snare/Tom Mic

• Captures the snap and sizzle of snare hits and rim shots; provides plenty of punch for toms
• Compact size with all-metal construction and rugged mesh grill
• Includes custom mic clip with articulating pivot, and universal rim mount for exact placement
• 50Hz – 15kHz frequency response
• 600 Ohm output impedance
• Integrated male XLR connector

DR-C100 Unidirectional Instrument Condenser Microphone

• Crisp and clear reproduction
• Use on hi-hat, ride, or crash cymbals.
• Phantom powered
• 50Hz – 30kHz frequency response
• 6800 Ohms output impedance
• Includes pivoting mic clip

Drum Mic Mounts: Resilient microphone mounts reduce stage clutter with secure rim-mounting and versatile positioning

Drum Mic Carrying Case: Durable carrying case with die-cut foam compartments and integrated handle


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