Digital Reference
DRV200 - Dynamic Lead Vocal Microphone

DRV200 Dynamic Lead Vocal Microphone

Capture the detail and nuance of your performance while isolating your voice from other musicians with the Digital Reference Lead Vocal Microphone. It features a tight pick-up pattern for greater gain, while at the same time minimizing feedback, and its robust, shock-mounted capsule reduces handling noise and stand vibrations. For clarity and accuracy on stage, this is your ideal lead performance microphone.


• Articulate and accurate vocal reproduction that cuts through any mix
• Super-cardioid pattern provides maximum gain, minimizes feedback
• Shock-mounted dynamic capsule, all-metal body, and gold-plated XLR connector
• 50Hz – 18kHz frequency response
• 300 Ohm output impedance
• Includes microphone clip and soft case


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DRV200 Frequency Response Polar Pattern